Modest Beginnings

Pete Bylsma, a Grand Rapids engineer and inventor, founded Byrne Tool + Design back in 1974. Just a man, a plan…and an engine lathe.

Lean Manufacturing

Also known as Common Sense Manufacturing, or CSM, Lean Manufacturing is a unique initiative for driving out waste. Using a blitz approach, Byrne conducts eight CSM events annually during which we go narrow and deep to build incremental improvements throughout the company. This CSM process includes review and action in the following areas: Sort, Shine, Straighten, Standardize and Sustain. We tend to focus the majority of our events on the non-value portion of mold building, because it makes up about 70% of manufacturing lead time. In 2006, we were able to reduce our lead time for an average mold build from eight weeks down to six weeks – a full 25% reduction in lead time. Below is a brief walk through of a recent 5S event.

Organizations and Accreditations


American Mold Builders Association member


Rockford Chamber of Commerce member


Michigan Tooling Group Member


Institute for Supply Chain Management member

ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Registered through Intertek

Our Staff

Andy Baker

Strategic Account Manager

A solid project manager and sales representative rolled into one, Andy's technical experience and attention to detail make him a great asset in solving difficult customer problems. His love of the outdoors and interest in hunting provide additional opportunities for Andy to hone those same meticulous technical skills outside of the office.

Doug Bylsma

Fixture Specialist

For over 20 years, Doug has been running EDM machines at Byrne and his dedication to our organization led him to also cross train in CAM programming and design. Doug's commitment to any task, as well as his love of fabrication, is reflected in every aspect of his life. He recently put those skills to the test by completely restoring his own truck after it was badly damaged in an accident.

Jackie Overley

Office Manager

Always driven to get the best product and service available, Jackie manages all of our office and purchasing activities. An active volunteer for education and awareness, Jackie commits much of her spare time to support a variety of causes in the community.

Jeremy Fifield

Operations Lead

As one of our lead mold makers, Jeremy understands the level of commitment needed to serve the customer. That same dedication to quality and success drive his personal passion for archery, as his many trophies demonstrate.

Jim Sutherlin

CNC Programmer/Operator

Jim was our first journeyman mold maker and CNC programmer operator, joining our team back in 1984. Since that time, Jim has helped develop our capabilities in these areas, mentoring many of his coworkers along the way. A dedicated single father, Jim enjoys playing golf, and a variety of other sports, in addition to raising his twin daughters.

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