Capabilities 01 Product Development

Product Development - Collaboration and rapid results lie at the heart of our success in serving the office furniture industry. We consistently leverage our extensive experience, talents, and partnerships, allowing us to generating SLA/SLS parts overnight for our customers.

Machinery List

Graphite Department
CNC Department


  • 2 Seats of Kubotek KeyCreator 2011

  • 3 Seats of VISI Mold Design V19

  • 4 Seats of VISI Cad/Cam V19

  • 1 Seat of PowerMill 2012

Specialty Equipment

  • 30 Ton Millutensil Spotting Press 28×38 Platens

  • 5-Ton Kone Bridge Crane

  • Novatech Mirco-Welding system with Olympus Micro Scope

  • Various Mills, Grinders and Saws

EDM Department

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